Solar street lighting with CCTV


Ensure Sustainable Lighting and Safety with Solarenergy-europe!
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to light up your business or park while increasing safety? At Solarenergy-europe, we have just what you need! Discover our wide range of solar lights, with or without a built-in camera, for always clear security and video recordings. Let's discuss your needs together and find the perfect solution. Light up your future with Solarenergy-europe!

Discover the Future of Energy with Solarenergy-europe
Do you want to make your energy consumption sustainable and become independent at the same time? Solarenergy-europe offers you a range of products, from solar panels to charging stations and home batteries. We are a young and dynamic company committed to a greener planet. Our team is ready to explore the possibilities with you. Make the switch to solar energy today and contribute to a sustainable future!

Make Your Environment a Safe and Sustainable Place with Solarenergy-europe
Are you looking for a way to make your environment safer and more sustainable? Solarenergy-europe is your partner in solar energy solutions! From solar lights with integrated security cameras to innovative solar panels, charging stations and home batteries; we have a wide range of products to meet all your needs. Our young and enthusiastic team is happy to meet with you to find the ideal solution for your business or park. Light and secure your environment in a sustainable way with Solarenergy-europe!


Discover our Solar Street Light: Safety and Convenience in One

In the world of outdoor lighting, we offer you something special: our Solar Street Light. We have designed two models to meet all your needs: a wide and short model for compact spaces and a long model that combines elegance and illumination.

Safety first with integrated security cameras
What makes our Solar street light unique is the option to equip it with security cameras. Given the increasing demand for security solutions and the unfortunately growing number of burglaries, we offer a product that not only illuminates but also protects. This series is perfect for both business and residential markets.

Innovation in Monitoring: CCTV with Data ChipOur CCTV systems are equipped with a data chip, which records everything that happens in front of the camera. With the user-friendly Tuya app, you can watch live footage, as well as review recordings at your convenience. This offers a new level of convenience and security for your property.

Durability and Quality: LiFePO4 Batteries
The batteries that power our Solar lamps are of the highest quality LiFePO4. These batteries are known for their long life, so you can be sure of a durable and reliable light source.

Different Strengths for Every Need
We understand that every space is different. That is why our lamps are available in different strengths, so you can choose the lighting that best suits your environment.

HD Camera: Sharp View, Day and Night
Our HD cameras are equipped with a 400M Pixel (1080P) HD chip and lens, ensuring razor-sharp videos and photos. Thanks to the day and night full-colour function, they also offer an excellent monitoring effect at night.

Stable Signal, Wherever You Are
While developing this product, we took into account the challenges of outdoor conditions. That is why we offer both a WIFI and a 4G version, depending on your needs. With a specially designed signal enhancement, you are assured of a stable connection that does not drop out. Should the signal still be interrupted due to network problems, the camera automatically reconnects once the signal is restored.

Easy and Versatile Platform
Our system is designed for your convenience:
- App & PC platform: Suitable for monitoring via multiple devices simultaneously.
- Multi-language support:Adaptable to your smartphone's language settings for a stable, safe and reliable user experience.
- 360-degree rotatable camera:No more worries about installation angle, ensuring convenient installation.

With our Solar street lighting and CCTV systems, we offer not only light, but also a sense of security and convenience. Discover today how our solutions can transform your space.


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